DeVine Natural Spring Water has been delivering pure spring water for more than twenty years.
The business started in Central Victoria
and has developed to cover most of Victoria.
The water is harvested from Musk Springs near Trentham, Victoria (Daylesford Area).
We cart the water to our facility in Bendigo where it is bottled for country and metro centres.

Refreshing taste

Our hydrated spring water is specifically designed to bring you a refreshing, distinguishing, cool, taste of natural spring water.

Our Commitment

Our spirit and commitment, is to provide the best sustainable natural spring water quickly and efficiently to your premises.   


We are consistently working on sustainable ways to limit waste and promote recycling.

All our bottles are returnable
and are only permitted to be used for Spring Water.

Family Owned

DeVine Natural Spring Water is a family owned business, not a franchised business.

Products Available

Water Coolers

12-month Cooler Rental $99
including GST
1-month Cooler Rental $22.00
including GST

Bottles of Water

11 litres @ $9.00 per bottle
15 Litres @ $12.00 per bottle
Plastic Cups - 500 per box $27.50
including GST
Filter Systems for Rent
(Price on Application)
Cup holder - (free with cooler rental)


Our honest and reliable drivers will deliver to your home or office with no added delivery charges.

Deliveries can be arranged to arrive fortnightly or monthly.

1300 661 116